Welcome to the website
      of the private weather station
      Billigheim-Allfeld in Germany!

      This website offers general
      local weather informations
      and a weather data archive of the last years.
      Finally pictures of a Livecam
      offer informations about
      the current weather in Billigheim-Allfeld.

      The most important content
      of this website is summarized
      on the lines below.

           Billigheim-Allfeld in Baden-Württemberg (Germany),
             the location of the weather station:

      Allfeld, view direction northeast Where you will find Allfeld in Germany?
      Here is a map of the area!

      Short description of the Website:
      I (Imprint) observe the weather since more than 30 years.
      Since 1980 I have (with interruptions) nearly every day, since 1998 daily documented
      and archived the weather process.
      From 2002 the data acquisition is fully automated (Thies weather station)
      and was optimized 2005 by a radiation shield (air cabin).
      Beginning of 2010 a Davis weather station Pro2 took over the measurements.
      With this station the data may viewed live on the internet now,
      moreover the entire data archive is available, too.
      Besides measuring data I daily publish a regional weather forecast with trend.
      "Alle Wetter!" provides explanations and reports on regional weather patterns,
      special weather conditions and specific knowledge from the meteorology / climatology in general.
      A lexicon completes the offer.

      The measured values
      and the webcam image
      can also be accessed
      on mobile phones.

      After entering

      you can view the page
      on the left side
      at your mobile phone.



      Creator/author of this Website:

      Holger Sonntag
      Billigheim - Allfeld
      Neckar - Odenwald - Kreis
      Baden - Württemberg

      Criticism, requests, suggestions.....
      please write!

      For contact there is a
      or use the following e-mail address:

      E-MAIL: h.sonntag.allfeld@freenet.de

      Finally a little help for using the data archives
      and the page on your mobile phone
      (German ---> English):

      Temperatur Aussen = Outside temperature
      Feuchte Aussen = Outside humidity
      Luftdruck = Air pressure
      Regen (Niederschlag) = Rain (precipitation)
      Wind = Wind
      Windrichtung = Wind direction
      Sonnenscheindauer = Sunshine during
      Evapotranspiration = Evaporation rate
      Solarstrahlung = Solar radiation
      Taupunkt = Dewpoint
      Windchill = Wind chill
      Windböen = Wind gusts
      Empfangsleistung von der Aussenstation
      = Received power from the external unit

      Montag = Monday
      Dienstag = Tuesday
      Mittwoch = Wednesday
      Donnerstag = Thursday
      Freitag = Friday
      Samstag = Saturday
      Sonntag = Sunday

      Januar = January
      Februar = February
      März = March
      April = April
      Mai = May
      Juni = June
      Juli = July
      August = August
      September = September
      Oktober = October
      November = November
      Dezember = December